Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you wonder why my blogs are always so depressed here, it's because this is my private blog that few know of. I'm not always this depressed, but I also don't want others to know how I'm affected. It's a way for me to rationalize my actions and decide whether or not what I'm doing is right or wrong.

With the new year approaching and growing a year older, I feel as if I haven't accomplished much at all. I have become a student of life, without the ability to completely take care of myself, in all aspects of my life. I don't feel successful at all. Here I am working at a job that has failed me multiple times, yet I'm still here. I'd like to settle down sometime, but it's difficult to leave.

One day, I'll just do it.

just do it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

No, it's not fine

I know why I'm so torn, and so confused, and it's because I am HURT. I am mad at Alex for ruining my holidays. For making me feel alone on Thanksgiving. For breaking up with me before my birthday, before christmas, before the new year. I am grateful for his contributions to make my birthday enjoyable, but it doesn't get rid of the fact that HE BROKE UP WITH ME DURING THE HOLIDAYS. My favorite days of the year, ruined. I can't cope with this because I'm so mad and so angry. You can't make this up to me. You just can't, and you don't want to. This is the most selfish thing you can do, and it's apparent that you don't care. I don't want to keep this bottled in.

Let me be mad.
I have never felt more alone in my life. I guess it's natural to feel a bit depressed, but I'm in a state where I just don't know how to feel. I want to hide from everyone, and not come out of my room for months. I feel so alone. Well, one more week and then I get to see my family. I think that's what I need. I need to stay away from Alex. Being around him makes me think crazy things, and because I'm confused and hurt, I can't trust him. I can't trust my own mind either, and in order not to betray both things, I just need to keep both away from each other. I can't think rationally, and I can't happily. I just can't think.

I can't think.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleeping in

I've been lucky to be able to sleep in lately, but I'm also an early bird, so that term doesn't mean the same to me as it does to others. I've been sleeping earlier to get a jump start on the next day, and my ultimate goal is to be wide awake at 5AM so I can take a jog around Balboa. It feels nice to have paid off some of my biggest bills, and nicer to know that my spending habits have subsided. I'm starting to think about the responsibilities I have, and what I need to do to stay ahead of the waves of stress. I've found the best ways to keep from spending money are to walk to and from work, saving bus fare, and bringing my own lunch. I mean, sure a meal is only $3 for me at work, but the calorie count deters me from wanting to eat it. Good deals aren't always the best deals. More veggies, less meat.

With the new year I'd like to exercise more, and I plan on giving up meat entirely. I've done it before and I can do it again. I'm going to start with the Wii Fit, but leave the running to the park. Oh days off, I'll promise not to stay inside all day. I'd like to do something with my life, and it has to start with me, with now.

I've had some appalling and scary dreams lately, but they're just dreams. My favorite part of them is when the song playing on my laptop seeps into my mind, and becomes a staple of that particular dream. There's a nicer feeling.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Things need to happen, and I always felt that suffering was imperative so we could have something to learn from. It's like every minute is a learning experience, and taking the hard road gives me a tougher skin, a sharper mind, and stories to tell my kids when they grow up. You can't always get what you want, and you can't always give people what you think they need. I think now would be a good time to humble myself. Take a walk in their shoes, and your method of communication will be so much clearer.

I need to walk more, project myself into others experiences. My customer service could be better, my management skills could improve. It's nice to have some focus.

Memories from the start

I want to remember how we started, and why it happened, and how it lasted for over a year. I've never been in a relationship that long. Maybe if you remember, you'll remember how you fell in love with me in the first place, and maybe you'll fall in love again. I try to move on everyday, but constant memories flood my mind. Ignorance is bliss, but the happiness I felt with you surpasses that.

I can be such a danger to myself. Not knowing kills me.

Esthero - I Drive Alone

Can't move on... but I can't go home
and I'm not so strong... but I'll make my way
to the place I know
inside my heart
where I used to go to get brave
and I don't want to be lost anymore.

gotta find my way back home.

I don't know where I g0 - but I know I drive alone.
I terribly miss you....
more than you'll ever know.
You've got to come back somehow.
You've got to come back somehow.

Can't move on... but I can't go home
and I'm not so strong... but I'll make my way
to the place I know
inside my heart
where I used to go
to get brave and....